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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Dragon Moon PODTHOLOGY: The Pod Complex

It's almost here! The Podthology POD Complex from Dragon Moon Press.

ElectroFunkSeppuku, Baby!

From publisher Gwen Gades:

A Dragon Moon Press Podthology: The Pod Complex – is an anthology of some of the best stories ever podcast. Since podcasters are some of our most beloved authors, we thought we should celebrate their achievements in book form. So we’ve collected together some of the best of the medium, and included a few about podcasting to jazz it up a bit, and put on one of my favorite all time covers (that we’ve done) and here you have it! Coming to you in April.


emzbox said...

Whoot! Thanks Jen for getting me involved. I owe you!

SF Girl said...

Hi Jen! You've been tagged in a wonderful adventure. I hope you respond. I'd be honored. Here it is:

Your friend,
SF Girl