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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Iiiiiiiitttttt's Heeeeeereeee!

Hey folks! Wicked Initiations has landed!

Pick up your copy at:

The Book Depository

"Wicked Initiations is a book that shows a craftsman's touch. The characters are wonderfully realized and develop throughout the story in a setting that is both strange and familiar at the same time. The plot twists and turns and kept me spellbound. I was sorry to see it end."

~ Michell Plested, GET PUBLISHED Podcast.

“Wicked Initiations is an original take on vampire mythology, plucked from a magical desert that will bewitch you and make you one of its own.”

~Emerian Rich, author of NIGHT'S KNIGHTS

"Jennifer Rahn is not only gifted with a wonderful imagination, but also a great talent for writing about the worlds that teem within that imagination."

~Mike Bennett, UNDERWOOD & FLINCH Podcast.

"Jennifer Rahn has created a unique fantastic word full of complex magic and environments, and has let loose interesting characters to follow through this world."

~Karl Johanson, Editor of NEO-OPSIS Science Fiction Magazine

“Smart and well-written, Wicked Initiations, is deliciously dark and totally captivating. I was hooked. A daring and vibrant new voice on the female literary frontier, Jennifer Rahn demonstrates a solid talent for conjuring up fully realized characters and detailed worlds. She’s a writer to watch.”

~Nathalie Mallet, author of THE PRINCES OF THE GOLDEN CAGE

"[Jennifer Rahn is] one sick puppy."

~Barb Galler-Smith, author of DRUIDS


Charles Gramlich said...

Enjoyed your story in "Strange Worlds." I put up my review on Amazon and Goodreads. Good to be in the antho with you.

Jennifer Rahn said...

Thanks Charles! Still trying to get a copy of SW myself. Looking forward to reading your story when I do. :)