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Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've decided to give away two signed copies of The Longevity Thesis to (1) the first person to enter, and to (2) one person randomly drawn from the first 50 entries. I may give away a third, depending on how things go.

To enter, just contact me through my webpage, blog, MySpace or Facebook and tell me you're entering. If you win, I'll ask for your mailing info. And of course, you have my assurances that this is only to promote The Longevity Thesis, and I am not interested in polluting the internet with more spam.

Thanks to everyone who enters!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Monday, 7:39am. The first copy has been claimed by W.Sumner Davis, author of Heretics. (Check out his MySpace.) Congrats to Dr. Davis!

18Feb08 Update: The last two copies are being given to Karen and Janet. Thanks for entering!

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E A said...

Ubuntu and Tux love to help with book promotions! That's so cute :)