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Monday, August 27, 2007

Name Tag

OK, so Nina over at The Alien Next Door, has tagged me with a challenge to Google myself under "Images" to see what weirdness the internet spews up at me. At first, it was beyond mundane, but as I persevered, some interesting hits were generated.

1) From the game Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, I found "Qu Rahn". Dude is dead and wants his light sabre to be passed to somebody named "Kyle", who is supposed to have a powerful Jedi destiny. Kyle's also supposed to get a journal that tells him how to use the force. Ya man!

2) I am not the only Jennifer Rahn. This one was taken by a marine biologist of the same name. I very much doubt it's a self portrait.

3) They found me! This is from When I was a grad student, I published a paper using their products, and somehow they found the paper and listed it on their website to convince other users of how good their products are. (For those not confocal savvy, a glass bottomed dish is used for laser microscopy of biological samples, such as cancer cells. Specific molecules in cells can be imaged in 3D using this technique. Or, they can be used for conventional fluorescent microscopy. The glass is needed to get clear images.) For the record, their products are very good and reasonably priced. We got a JBC paper out of the data collected. (Check out the movies under "Supplemental Data".)

4) This is from the website of the Marine & Freshwater Biomedical Sciences Center out of the University of Miami. Apparently, there is a third Jennifer Rahn out there who is a grad student at this facility. (Hmm. I'm detecting a trend here.)

5) This is from a friend's myspace. My first reaction was "ACK!" until I realised I was just coincidentally mentioned on the same page.

6) I don't know what this is. Perhaps I never will. But for some reason it's associated with my name.


E A said...

LOL x 10000 - this is hilarious! (sorry about the Nerd thing, hee hee).

all I got were the following:

a mini pic of Kirstey Alley (sp!)

a graph

a pic of a tricorder, a couple portraits of spock and this:

and a web graphic with the word "easy" on it... great :-/

sfgirl said...

LOL! I love the fish picture...You sure there's no resemblance? She IS a marine biologist, after all! I like the jedi best...Cool!

Melanie Faith said...

lol, you got some fun, goofy results. Thanks for the laugh! (don't worry, the best of us can't help but be a bit "white and nerdy" at times...)