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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Con Version 23

So . . . Guess where I went this weekend. CON VERSION!!!! This is the annual convention put on by the Calgary Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and it was a lot of fun. Time to indulge in unbridled appreciation of all things SF & F. Here are the first pictures from the event. I've got some videos and a few funny stories to tell, but I'm so exhausted right now, this is about all I can manage until later.

Here I am (middle) with Tim Reynolds, Publisher of Comet Catcher Press and author of Stand Up & Succeed, and my own publisher, Gwen Gades of Dragon Moon Press. Tim was the reader for DMP who recommended that Gwen accept my novel.

This was at dinner on Saturday. Nina Munteanu, author of Darwin's Paradox, is a bundle of fun. So is Karl Johanson, Publisher of Neo-Opsis magazine. Nina has a video of him performing some magic on her blog.

Here I am with Nina and Brian Hades, the Calgary Publishing Overlord. He's the Publisher of EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy (Hades Publications), which Dragon Moon Press just became an imprint of.

Some Men in Black. (I could have sworn the blond guy was a hobbit that morning.)

A close encounter with Captain Kirk. (That's actually Roy from IFWA still in his Phantom of the Space Opera costume.)

Here is one of the knights from the Dragon's Own medieval combat club during a demonstration. These guys were pretty cool and gave me permission to post of video of them fighting, which I'll put together after I've had some sleep.

This gentleman was also from Dragon's Own.

That's it for now. I've got lots more to post, and some of it I promised I'd send to Nina for her blog. I hope she puts all of it up. Some of it's classic! Hee hee hee!


sfgirl said...

Way cool con, eh! Enjoyed finally meeting you, Jen (though, in reality we have met before, during an icecream fight a while ago... :)

Karl said...

Hi there. Was nice to grab some food at Conversion. Some good photos! I'm going through my photos to see which ones to add to Neo-opsis 13.

Karl Johanson

Jennifer Rahn said...

Hey Karl. It was great meeting all of you from the west coast. Feel free to pinch any of these pix if you find them useful.