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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Tante Marianne

Dear Tante Marianne,

It hasn't hit me until today. I'm sorry for what's happened to you. I hope you're not in any pain, or won't be for much longer.

I just needed to say, thank you for making so many Christmases wonderful, you were one of the good things in my childhood.

Thank you for being proud of me.

I miss you already. Safe journey.




Laura said...

mes sympathies

safe journey to her indeed.

E A said...

I only just saw this (sorry). I'm grateful she was such a wonderful aunt - I'm thinking she may have been the one that sent that amazing giant tin of chocolates. (Marianne was the name of my good German teacher in University - I love that name) I'm thinking about you :)

and I'm sure she was extremely proud of you :)