The Longevity Thesis Book Video

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Internet Book Promotion Video

Whew! It's finally done. It took us about three weeks of planning and arranging when and what to do, but we finally have a video for promoting The Longevity Thesis on line.

I've sent the final file to Gwen for final approval, just to make sure all's well before I post it, but I think for the most part, it's finished.

We spent the better part of today recording the music, and then I merged that audio file with the voice clips we recorded two weeks ago. It's almost midnight, and I've just finished fitting the video images to the sound. This was way more work (and fun) than I ever would have expected.

Here's a picture of us hard at work in my little office:

Many thanks to all my friends for their support and help!


sleepy, dopey and something else... said...

I love your group of recording specialists, assistants and listeners!! :-D Glad the recording went well :)

turtlepower said...

ubuntu rocks!!!
does he like cigars? i must bring one over for him next time...